MR. Kevin

Founder and Executive Director



Message from the Founder 


We appreciate you taking the time to visit.  Through group coaching, one-on-one coaching, and engaging programming to meet young men where they are.


Our volunteers and staff are couragously motivating and challenging young men to mature into strong community men.  Everyday, we make positive decisions that create a lasting impression in our communities. 


Through our experiences, we have learned that life is a journey, not meant to be traveled alone.  Unfortunately, many of today's young men are left to endure their life journey without much direction or guidance. We have pledge a life long commitment to providing young men with

Exposure | Opportunity |Support


Please take time to visit with us. We would greatly appreciate your support and please reach out. We can't build commuities without you. 


Thank you and we are truly greatful your here!


Mr. Kev

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