"Ascribing the future of today's youth."
"Ascribing the future of today's youth."
"Ascribing the future of todays youth."
"Ascribing the future of todays youth."

MR. Kevin

Founder and Executive Director



Message from the Founder 




For the past ten years Odyssey Ink has been serving underserved male students in Tarrant County. Through various partnerships and collaborations we've been able to serve hundreds of young men who are now in college or pursing careers and building strong families.


We are very honored to get to do this work! What we know is:


  • Students mentored are 52% less likely to skip school than their peers and 37% less likely to skip classes
  • Students mentored are 81% more likely to report participating regularly in extracurricular activities or sports 
  • Students mentored are 130% more than twice likely to say that they held a leadership position in a club or sports team 


Unknowing and understanding the benefits of coaching and mentorship Odysey Ink strives to continue to develop sustainable programs and partnerships to help build on our mission.


Thank you for taking the time to visit with us. We thank you for your support in advance. Plese feel free to connect with us, we can't build and serve communities without you.


Thank you and we are truly greatful your here!


Mr. Kevin S. Brigance

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