"Ascribing the future of today's youth."
"Ascribing the future of today's youth."
"Ascribing the future of todays youth."
"Ascribing the future of todays youth."

The mission of Odyssey Ink is to provide students with exposure beyond their cirumstances; opportunity to grow and develop as a leader; and support through group and one - on – one coaching by strategically developing and implementing innovative programming to empower them.  


Odyssey Ink has served over 1,000 male students of color and over 200 teen fathers in over ten years. Here are a few of our highlighted programs.                 


2012-present    Father’s to Dads Teen Fatherhood Programming

Provide parenting and soon to be parenting male students with coaching and support through fatherhood as well as education achievement and career development. 


2015-2017      My Brother’s Keeper Fort Worth ISD

Provide culturally relevant groups for all FWISD high schools, insuring male students of color had a safe place to learn about their culture and succeed academically. 


2012-2015       Middle School Success Intervention Grant 

Provide group coaching for middles schools with Go Centers for high risk male students students. 


2012-2014      Versia Williams Elementary School - Student Support

Developed and implemented mentor program to provide behavioral and academic support to 3rd-5th grade male students.





We believe education is the key to success.


We believe in the family structure as a model to build a better world.

We believe that the community has a responsibility to support each household. The community must make a continuous effort to ensure a safe, positive learning environment for it's children to develop toward excellence.

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