"Ascribing the future of today's youth."
"Ascribing the future of today's youth."
"Ascribing the future of todays youth."
"Ascribing the future of todays youth."

Becoming King is Odyssey Ink’s signature student coaching and development program who’s goals are to engage, equip, and empower young men to reach their best potential. 


We strategically and intentionally develop programming to engage students where they are in their career and academic goals. 


Throughout the program, students gain opportunities to:

  • build new relationships in their communities,
  • develop critical thinking skills,
  • learn life skills hacks,
  • develop leadership skills,
  • improve communication skills,
  • Explore Men’s Etiquette, and
  • access to Supportive Resources.


While participating in group sessions with their peers and one on one coaching sessions with the MentorCoach, my hope is that your students will become independently self sufficient individuals and reliable pillars in our community.

Fall Group Preview is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Enrolling Male Students

Grades 6th-9th  

Tuesdays 6:30-8:30

TCC-Trinity River Campus

Nov 6,13,27 & Dec 4

$175 Registration


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