"Ascribing the future of today's youth."
"Ascribing the future of today's youth."
"Ascribing the future of todays youth."
"Ascribing the future of todays youth."

Our Mission

The mission of Odyssey Ink is to provide students with exposure beyond their current circumstancesopportunity to grow and develop as a leader; and support through group and one - on – one coaching by strategically developing and implementing innovative programming to empower them.  


Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading youth development organization offering student support services to students who are in ineffectual elements and may not have the resources needed to elevate their welfare. Odyssey Ink will continue to strategically develop culturally fit programs to serve many communities. While addressing realistic issues placed before young men and women trying to achieve their dreams we will foster individual growth through personal achievements and educational advancement. Our focus is geared towards students that are low performers in school and/or underserved, but not limited to those groups. Through our efforts we hope to raise the rate of high school graduates and the enrollment of individuals into institutions of higher learning; becoming well rounded individuals as well as achieving personal and career goals.

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